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Tips to improve your SR&ED documentation

  1. Keep track of all drawings and design revision changes
  2. Make voice recordings of issues and progression of work
  3. Store emails to capture the chronology of a project
  4. Maintain dated digital records (i.e. photos/video)
  5. Document concurrently for all sred activities
  6. Provide quarterly reminders from management to employees that they should document their work
  7. Identify and organize the existing documentation
  8. Develop a document folder for each project
  9. Maintain logbooks of activities and hours for ease of linking with costs
  10. Keep detail time records invested on each project
  11. Use setup sheets to record trial runs and results
  12. Maintain project meeting minutes
  13. Utilize tracking software
  14. Keep all iterations of source code
  15. Maintain emails citing current knowledge/understanding of the problem from project launch