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Tips to maximize SR&ED refund

  1. Use a time line approach (per person, number of trials/materials)
  2. Use activity records
  3. Identify the roles of people within the company for each project
  4. Identify trial runs in production line logs (any oversight by the technical staff)
  5. Keep material invoices where particular materials were consumed
  6. Review the contract details and invoices – determine contractor's output, interview the contractor
  7. Ensure material costs used are traceable costs
  8. Determine and record the start and end of each activity
  9. Use project management systems to track costs, instil a good project management culture
  10. Use separate cost centres for projects
  11. Support claims technically as it is easier to identify costs
  12. Technical project team member assists in identifying and allocating costs
  13. Use budget figures to establish reasonability of cost allocations
  14. Identify specific overhead incremental costs for the traditional method
  15. Activity recording to help identify the costs

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