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  • Do you need to improve Customer Satisfaction?
  • Would you like to export your goods ?
  • Are you losing sales because of lack of ISO or AS Certifications?
  • Do you need to improve Quality and Productivity?
  • Do you need to eliminate waste in your processes?
  • Is your defect rate eating your profit

We can assist you in designing a strategic initiative that is right for your firm in order to address these, and other issues. We can bring you our expertise in TQM,  Lean Manufacturing, Lean Six Sigma, ISO 9001and other Quality Management Systems. A Quality Management System (QMS) will improve the way you do business and enhance your customer satisfaction level. We can view your quality and productivity problems with objectivity and allow you to address these sensitive issues while helping you maintain a lean payroll. We can help you navigate the regulatory seas to assist you in importing or exporting your products.

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